Toshiba and Dharma Capital bid to bring quasi-quantum computing to HFT

Toshiba and Dharma Capital bid to bring quasi-quantum computing to HFT

Japanese tech giant Toshiba is joining forces with Dharma Capital to trial the use of quasi-quantum technology in financial trading.

How to Scale a Quantum Computer – Part Two

How quantum computing will change our world | Intel

Jim Clarke, Director of Quantum Hardware at Intel Labs, discusses how chemistry and physics drive the development of qubits in these unique systems. These systems will bring mind-blowing computing power to the world in the next decade and beyond.

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How quantum computing will change our world | Intel

QSim- Quantum Computer Simulator Toolkit from C-DAC.

QSim would enable researchers and students to carry out research in Quantum Computing in a cost-effective manner.

Code a Bell Pair on a Quantum Computer with OpenQASM #Shorts

Let’s code a Bell pair for a quantum computer.

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A Bell pair is a maximally entangled pair of qubits, a fundamental building block of quantum computing!

It takes just a few lines of code in OpenQASM (quantum assembly language)
We set up a quantum and classical register with qreg and creg

h q[0]; a hadamard gate to put the qubit in a superpostion

cx q[0],q[1]; a cnot gate to entangle the qubits

and then we measure it!

Try it on the IBM Quantum Experience or Microsoft’s Q#

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