Payments 2016

Payments 2016

Speaking at the first annual EBAday payments conference in Frankfurt in June, Mark Garvin chief administrative officer JPMorgan Chase AG, outlined a vision of the payments industry in 2016, a time when paper cheques are non-existent, payment by mobile phone is commonplace and biometrics have wiped out fraud.

Payments Panorama 2016 Opening with special announcement

by Eileen Mercier, Chair, Payments Canada Board of Directors; Gerry Gaetz, President and CEO of Payments Canada, and Amanda Lang

Beyond payments with Android Pay – Google I/O 2016

See how you can create an amazing in-store experience by enabling your users to send their loyalty and payment information in a single tap. We will show live demos for integrating loyalty programs, gift cards and offers with just a few lines of code. We’ll also demonstrate how banks can enable their users to participate in Android Pay through their mobile banking apps. This hands-on session from our senior PM and Engineer will take you behind the scenes on how we’ve developed these simple APIs to enable great user experiences.

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Thank You for Attending PAYMENTS 2016

NACHA’s annual PAYMENTS conference continues to set the stage for education and innovation in the PAYMENTS industry. Hope to see you next year in Austin, Texas for PAYMENTS 2017, April 23-26.

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