JPMorgan blockchain project recruits 70+ banks

JPMorgan blockchain project recruits 70+ banks

An interbank blockchain project led by JPMorgan designed to speed up the exceptions process has recruited more than 70 banks in a move that would make it one of the largest application of distributed ledger technology (DLT) by regulated banks.

Will Banks Succeed In The Metaverse | JP Morgan Becomes The First Bank To Venture Into The Metaverse

JP morgan chase, the largest bank in the US became the first bank to venture into the metaverse. Will banks workout in the metaverse. What is the role of DAOs in this venture towards web3.0. watch this video tho know all of that..

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Should Banks Be In the Metaverse? JPMorgan Opens a Lounge in Decentraland

JPMorgan, the largest bank in the U.S., is the first lender to arrive in the metaverse, opening a lounge in Decentraland. The bank also plans to spend upward of $18.41 billion on in-game ad spending. “There are now banks in the metaverse,” Naomi Brockwell says, asking “isn’t it a blockchain world to get away from these things?” “The Hash” crew explores what this means and how the metaverse is beginning to mirror the physical world.

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Ethereum = JP Morgan – Did the banks create blockchain?

The deeper you get into blockchain/crypto, the more you see the banks behind everything. Enterprise Ethereum, Ethereum Foundation, r3, Hyperledger. Every platform creating CBDC’s from around the world.
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JPMorgan Uses Project Guardian Blockchain to Transfer Funds

New technology innovations is not lost on large corporations and banks as they slowly begin to adopt blockchain technology where it benefits them. This story highlights how Jamie Dimon, the crypto hater himself, begins to soften his stance concerning blockchain technology and participates in a test of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Project Guardian.

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