Japan `s first app-only bank to run entirely on Google Cloud

Japan's first app-only bank to run entirely on Google Cloud

Minna Bank, Japan's first app-only bank, is set to open for business in May after acquiring a banking licence from the country's Financial Services Agency.

The Commercial that Killed a Fast Food Chain

I have been working on this video for like two years, I think about Mr. Delicious at least once a week. He sells aluminum siding, but also goes to Bora Bora with…sex workers? Maybe? He’s on his second marriage. He spends too much time at a bar called The Rusty Anchor. He is both effete and signals that he is wealthy while also being working-class? He also likes to read ROMANCE NOVELS WHILE EATING RAX?! So I guess that’s what in the suitcase???

You can watch the full Mr. Delicious documentary here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP8boDmsBUM

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Are Electric Cars REALLY Better for the Environment?

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We hear it all the time: “Electric cars are better for the planet”. Statements like that have been the foundation of electric car builders like Tesla for over a decade. But is it true? Join Nolan and take a deep dive into the manufacturing process, and see just how much energy goes into building a car. We’re gonna find out if electric rides are better for the Earth once and for all.

Compare Electric Cars and Gasoline Cars emissions: Climobil App

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Google I/O 2011: Crisis Response 2.0 – Empowering Developers in Times of Crisis

Prem Ramaswami, Steve Hakusa

In the last decade, pervasive cellular data and Internet access have enabled new approaches to saving lives and reducing misery in times of crisis. Several organizations are developing systems to help disaster responders and people affected by a disaster. We hope to introduce some of the new standards and products Google is developing to help the crisis response ecosystem

Building serverless applications with Google Cloud Platform & Firebase

Building serverless applications with Google Cloud Platform & Firebase

On Tuesday 26th of January, you are all welcome to join two talks about building serverless applications using Google cloud technologies. With the number of applications being developed for the cloud still growing, two talks from Bart Kooijman and Wietse Venema will provide you key learnings on how to do this in such a way that developers can focus on what is most important: the user experience.

The talks will be centered around two services from Google being Firebase and Google Cloud Run. Bart and Wietse will show you how these will ease your development workflow by abstracting away infrastructure concerns (e.g. Kubernetes), how they can be used in combination with other (cloud native) technologies and some of the caveats you need to be aware of.

Event Schedule:
19:30 – 19:35 – Welcome!
19:35 – 20:15 – Bart Kooijman – Building serverless web apps with Firebase
20:15 – 20:55 – Wietse Venema – Building serverless apps with Google Cloud Run
20:55 – 21:00 – Bye bye!


Title: Building serverless web apps with Firebase
Speaker: Bart Kooijman

In this presentation, Bart Kooijman will talk about what it means to build web apps with Firebase. Firebase is a serverless platform to build, improve, and grow your apps. The tools it gives you cover a large portion of the services that developers would normally have to build themselves, but don’t really want to build, because they’d rather be focusing on the app experience itself. This includes things like analytics, authentication, databases, configuration, file storage, push messaging, and the list goes on. Special attention will be paid to some of the key complexities in building cloud native web apps that Firebase is abstracting away for developers. One of the key features of building web apps with Firebase is that you can optionally use it in combination with Google’s Cloud Run serverless container platform. This makes this talk also a run-up towards the next session where Wietse Venema, author of a brand-new book on Cloud Run, will talk about building serverless applications with this platform as well.

Bart Kooijman has been working as a software engineer for more than 20 years, mainly in the domains of digital commerce and marketing. Over the last couple of years, he has been working on creating cloud native web apps presenting about topics such as microservices and continuous delivery.


Title: Building serverless apps with Google Cloud Run
Speakers: Wietse Venema

In this talk, Wietse Venema will take you through what it takes to build serverless applications using Google Cloud Run. Google Cloud Run is one of Google’s key differentiating offerings to manage containers. It enables you to write code your way using your favourite programming languages (Go, Python, Java, Ruby, Node.js, and more). It abstracts away all infrastructure management for a simpler developer experience and is built upon an open standard Knative, enabling the portability of your applications. Besides developing serverless applications using Cloud Run Wietse has been spending a lot of time recently on writing a recently released book about it as well. This effort has enabled him to deep dive into the technology and derive key learnings of which he will share some in this talk. He will also touch upon some of the key technologies frequently used in combination with Cloud Run providing you with a nice overview of what it takes to build serverless applications.

Wietse Venema is an author and software engineer working for Binx.io (part of the Xebia Group). One of his great passions is building web applications using Google Cloud technology. He has authored his recently released first book about it and is also providing training for several Google Cloud Platform products. He is the proud name twin (not family) of the famous Wietse Venema, who created Postfix.