DTCC calls for industry-wide push to handle DLT security risks

DTCC calls for industry-wide push to handle DLT security risks

The US Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation is floating the idea of forming an industry consortium to develop a coordinated strategy for addressing security risks in the implementation of distributed ledger technology in financial services.

Financial Institutions (FI) – DLT Framework

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How Can Technology Advancements Lead to Digital Transformation in Finance Industry – STACS Showcase

STACS Showcase x Singapore FinTech Festival 2020 – Live Panel
Join us for this panel discussion as we pick the brains of innovators and mavens of the financial industry on the vision of the industry and how are the industry leaders charging ahead in this digital transformation era. Where is the future of technology heading for the finance industry?

– Vijak Sethaput, IT Deputy Director, Bank of Thailand
– Boon Hiong Chan, Global Head, Securities Market & Technology Advocacy, Securities Services, Deutsche Bank
– Jyi-chen Chueh, Executive Director, Head of Custody Services, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank
– Urs Sauer, Co-chair ISSA DLT working group and  SIX Securities Services
– Nigel Lam, Senior Manager, Products & Partnership, STACS [Moderator]

STACS is a Singapore FinTech firm with a Vision to provide Transformative Technology for the Financial Industry, with its complete infrastructure of live institutional platforms that make global markets simpler.

Join us as we empower financial institutions to discover new opportunities through our technology.
�� Website: https://www.stacs.io
�� LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hashstacs/
�� Medium: https://stacs.medium.com/
�� OpenNodes: https://www.opennodes.com/user-profile/organisation/stacs-59/posts

DTCC Studying DLT – Digital Asset Tokenization & Settlement


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I am not a Financial advisor, nor does this content reflect financial advice. Always DYOR(Do Your Own Research)****