CBDCs could boost financial stability

CBDCs could boost financial stability

A well-designed central bank digital currency may enhance rather than weaken financial stability, according to a working paper from the US Treasury's Office of Financial Research.

CBDCs Vs. Cryptocurrencies: Side-by-Side Comparison!!

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0:00 Intro
1:31 Origins Of CDBCs and Crypto
5:51 How CBDCs & Crypto Work
10:00 Economics Of Financial System
12:58 Economics Of CBDCs & Crypto
17:24 Custody Of CBDCs & Crypto
21:13 CBDC vs Crypto Economies
25:46 Conclusion


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Will CBDCs Destroy Bitcoin?

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In this video, I discuss whether CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) will destroy Bitcoin by programmatically preventing capital inflows from fiat to Bitcoin.

I conclude that this will not happen, because it’s relatively simple to exchange your CBDC USD for physical goods, and then to trade those physical goods for Bitcoin. One can also sell goods and services directly for Bitcoin, thus leading to a self-contained Bitcoin circular economy.

Because Bitcoin is peer-to-peer and permission-less, no one can stop the widespread buying and selling of goods and services in Bitcoin. The government can stop 100 people, but it cannot stop 100 million people.

CBDCs need to be resisted at all costs. They are not a benign new tech. Instead, they are spy coins that can be used by politicians and central bankers to surveil people and cancel their money if desired.

Unlike Bitcoin, CBDCs will constantly lose purchasing power, since they are just another form of fiat money.

It might make sense to buy some Bitcoin before the digital prison of CBDCs is rolled out.

Having Bitcoin will also give you access to Bitcoin-friendly jurisdictions, which will attract smart people and capital.

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CBDCs and the Long-Term Advancement of Financial Stability – Nicolas Xuan-Yi Yang – #CryptoEconSys20

CBDCs and the Long-Term Advancement of Financial Stability – Nicolas Xuan-Yi Yang – #CryptoEconSys20

Part of the “Theories of Digital Money” session at Cryptoeconomic Systems ’20 Conference:

Central Bank Digital Currencies and the Long-Term Advancement of Financial Stability.
Jeremy Ney (MIT Digital Currency Initiative), Nicolas Xuan-Yi Zhang (MIT – Institute for Data, Systems, and Society)
Paper PDF:

Cryptoeconomic Systems is a forthcoming journal published by The MIT Press exploring the interdisciplinary domain of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

EVIDENCE….The Transition Has Started….(CBDC)

EVIDENCE….The Transition Has Started….(CBDC). There has been talks of CBDC’s rolling out and paper money going away completely. Well, we may very well be seeing the initial roll out of a digital currency system RIGHT NOW. So in this video we breakdown some recent events that are currently contributing to a future cashless society through the implementation of a CBDC…

Full Episode:

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