BBVA issues blockchain-supported Green Bond

BBVA issues blockchain-supported Green Bond

BBVA has negotiated the terms of a EUR35 million structured green bond using an in-house developed blockchain platform.

CRYPTO Bubble Bursts as VC Funding Evaporates, FTX Contagion Spreads & Crypto is New Dotcom Bubble

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The Crypto Bubble is Bursting as VC Funding Evaporates, FTX Contagion Spreads & Crypto becomes the New Dotcom Bubble. FTX was the second largest CRYPTO Currency Exchange and is now in Chapter BANKRUPTCY with over 1 Million Creditors. The Venture Capital industry which has fueled the growth of the Crypto Market is nursing large losses and as the FTX Contagion spreads Crypto businesses are struggling to raise additional funding putting more at risk of failure. In this video I compare the Crypto Market to the Dotcom Bubble of the late 1990’s and ask whether Crypto will be another Bubble that is about to burst.

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0:00 Intro
16:00 NASDAQ

#Belt &Road

Are we better off without blockchains?

IA got Challenged! Blockchain is NOT the Answer to a Freer Society!
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0:00 How To Challenge IA
0:30 Patreon Member “SGDIV” Challenges IA
0:48 “Blockchain is NOT the answer to a freer society as we are headed for an Orwellian/Huxley based dystopian future.”
1:00 SGDIV says… Public Blockchain = Zero Privacy
1:20 Tokenization Is merely an overlay over an asset
4:41 Zero Privacy….. Double Edged Sword
5:30 Hiding your bitcoin is not difficult – Bitcoin Obfuscation Not Hard
Even Forbes is Talking Bitcoin Obfuscation
SGDIV says… On Ramps Can Be Cut Off
6:30 On Ramps Cut Off
8:03 Method 1 to By Pass On Ramps – Web3 Wallets
8:15 Method 2 to By Pass On Ramps – eg Ledger Live
8:21 Method 3: Sell Stuff for Sats
9:02 Re Wallets and Public Wallets
9:10 SGDIV says… Exploitation of Large Tech Companies
9:50 1 Company Answers Q’s from 4 Billion People
10:00 1 Company Listens to 1 Billion People
10:13 Agree but…Different Chains for Diff Activities
11:17 SGDIV says…Government & Technology Control
12:00 Disagree: There is no Bitcoin CEO
13:00 SGDIV says… Convenience Over Freedom: Banking
14:23 Agree re Convenience
15:03 SGDIV says… Convenience Over Freedom: Transportation
15:51 Disagree: Vehicle Data Going to Blockchain
18:00 SGDIV says…And Finally, Health Care
19:00 1984 – Never Thought I would see the day
19:16 HIPAA is BS
Mr M Story
19:34 Shocking HIPAA Compliance Statistics
20:00 Agree: How Can It Be Any Worse?
Violations of human rights are already beyond extreme IMHO
20:28 Who Needs a Blockchain?
21:25 Summary: Blockchain is Coming due to Advantages

The sustainable bond markets in Latin America – in collaboration with IFC GB-TAP

ICMA, in collaboration with the IFC Green Bond Technical Assistance Program (GB-TAP), hosted the first in a series of webinars focused on the Latin American sustainable bond markets. This webinar discussed the developments and progress of the green, social and sustainable (GSS) bond markets in the overall Latin American region alongside the opportunities and challenges for both regional issuers and local and international investors. The event featured speakers from the most prominent issuers in the region together with other market experts including international investors and external reviewers.

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Webinar on Blockchain Bond World Bank Treasury

There is currently a lively discussion on the potentials and impacts of using the blockchain technology in the financial markets. But what does the technology mean for the public debt managers around the world? This webinar shed light on the question when Andrea Dore – Head of Capital Markets – and Paul Snaith – Head of Operations – shared the World Bank Treasury’s experiences regarding the “Bond-i”, the world’s first legally binding bond issued and operated on a global blockchain platform and by Mr. Markus Stix – Managing Director at the Austrian Treasury – sharing Austria’s blockchain experiences at government bond auctions. The presentations were followed by an active Q &A session moderated by Mats Filipsson – Senior Financial officer at the World Bank Treasury.